‘Tis the Season for Holiday Dispensary Deals

It’s that time of year again, and your local pot shops are fully stocked with tasty, affordable, and effective smokeable and edible treats, trinkets, and stocking stuffers to aid you in both your gifting and festivities. Here’s your guide to the best holiday deals on cannabis products in Corvallis.

Beaver Bowls
227 SW 6th St.

This holiday season, Beaver Bowls has numerous gift ideas for your family and friends, as well as products to ease those Christmas-shopping headaches. The store’s own “Stocking Puffers” packs contain 2-gram pre-weighed packages of Purple Kush, KushZilla, and Yenzo Cookies – all hybrid flowers and each priced at $8 before tax. New Chalice Gummies, a highly concentrated THC edible, are $8.33 for a pack of 9 gummies, and belong at the bottom of every stoner’s stocking. Budget gift ideas recommended by Beaver Bowls budtender Santi Granados include glass pipes under $10 including large pieces for $9, chillums for $6, and baby bowls for $5.

Granados was also happy to advise The Advocate on munchable and drinkable party treats. Single Serve Wild Brand Bites, only $3 after tax, come in white chocolate with peach, blood orange, and strawberry flavors, and are great to hand out at get-togethers. For something to go along with holiday meals, Granados says, pick up some Ginger Beer containing 25mg of THC going for $10.80 after tax. It’s non-alcoholic, and according to Granados, “it’s one of those things you could drink on a cold night and make your circulation just fire up so you’d feel warmer.” Spiced Apple Cider with 40.3mg THC is a more intense option. The shop is also selling cannabis-infused cold brew coffee.

Beaver Bowls has a wide variety of flowers and extracts to help alleviate holiday stress. Hush Extracts are highly discounted and will likely stay so until the end of the year. Granados suggests the sativa-dominant hybrid strains Pinot Green and The Three Kings (a strain seemingly ideal to accompany the holiday season) for anyone who needs to chill out, but remain active. He also recommends the high-CBD flower Frank’s Gift, an Oregon-grown medical strain, explaining “CBD is really good for a lot of stuff, including anxiety and depression.”

The Agrestic
1665 SE 3rd St. & 1945 NW 9th St.

Krys, who works the front desk at the south Agrestic boutique, explained how their fine folks will be going all-out for the holidays. A free rolling service – that’s right, free! – is currently being offered to anyone coming in buying anything. Staff will roll up to 3 grams of bud, and while this service is currently scheduled to last ‘til the jingle days are over, the Agrestic may decide to make the service permanent if it is successful.

For stocking stuffers, the Agrestic is selling actual stockings containing 4 packs each of pre-rolls – each of which contain 4 individual pre-rolls, making each Stocking Stuffer Smoke Pack contain 16 joints, each containing 1/4 of a gram of herb. These delightful gifts are $48 each for recreational customers. Party edibles on sale right now include marshmallow bonbons that are almost a ratio of 1:1 THC to CBD and are flying off the shelves.

For good old stress relief, Krys recommends hybrids strains by Cascade Valley Cannabis like Sour Banana Sherbet and Cherry OG, both of which are great for easing anxiety, but also for keeping one from becoming fatigued. “It’s kind of perfect because you don’t feel too tired to do the things you need around the holidays – holiday shop or see your family – but you feel relaxed enough around them,” she says.

Marie Jane’s Cannabis Connection
568 SW 3rd St.

Despite being one of the city’s newer pot shops, Marie Jane’s has already established a following in town due to their staff’s promise to provide low prices on high-quality products. Young or financially challenged customers looking for affordable Christmas pot-presents should probably make MJ’S their main destination over the next two weeks, because this dispensary’s prices are likely the lowest in Corvallis.

MJCC budtender, Ellen, suggested a few different gift ideas, including THC-infused chocolate bars that come in flavors like mocha, peppermint, and hazelnut. These chocolates break off into 9 segments, each of which contains 4.6mg of THC. 

“I’ve tried these myself and they are awesome,” says Ellen, though consumers should be advised that since the entire package contains a whopping 41mg of THC, they should not eat it all at once.

Holiday cards are also on sale right now that are all weed-related, come in 24 different designs and include a small pouch where a benevolent gift-giver could slip in a nug of something nice.

For anyone who wants edibles to bring to a holiday party, Ellen recommends the Pumpkin Spice Holiday Truffle, a THC edible on sale right now at $18 for a pack of 2. There’s about 37mg of THC in the whole package. And to relax after festivities, MJ’s offers a wide variety of flowers. Multiple sativas including Blue Dream, Pine Cone, and Vortex are all priced at $6 per gram or $20 for an eighth. Every Tuesday, you can buy 3 one-gram joints for $10.

High Quality Compassion
1300 NW 9th St.

The staff at High Quality are prepared for an influx of stoner Santas this December. The most exclusive sale at the shop will take place on Christmas Eve, when all vaporizers, glass, accessories – anything from a $5 chillum to a $1,100 glass masterpiece – will be 10 percent off. The shop recently acquired new silicone bongs, which store manager Elise calls “absolutely beautiful” and will be on sale as well.

For pot gifts, single-serve Wild Brand raspberry flavored chocolate edibles containing 5mg of THC are currently on sale for just $3 after tax. Elise recommends accessories like HQ’s forever-green glass blunts and vaporizer pen batteries as stocking stuffers. HQ’s ever-popular CBD honey sticks are also available and are free for customers who are able to redeem their loyalty points. From December 24 to December 30, all in-house and specialty pre-rolls (yes, that includes blunts, and even better, 24-karat gold-covered joints) are 10 percent off.

The staff at High Quality Compassion know how important it is to stay relaxed over the holiday season. Elise recommends a genius micro-dose brand of candies, Moxey Mints, which come in a classic mint tin and contain 5mg of THC apiece. For someone going out to an un-fun lunch with relatives or in-laws, popping one or many of these mints is discreet, and unless someone asks you to share, no one will be the wiser.

Edibles are a good idea this time of year. “Even though a whole lot of people can consume alcohol and that’s socially acceptable, it’s not always acceptable with a lot of families to consume cannabis,” Elise explains.

Other ideas for anxiety-busting bud products include flowers currently available in pre-rolled eighths for just $44 each – If you buy 2 of these you’ll receive a free $5 gift card – and vape pens, which are mostly odor-free so you can pop out for a quick hit when you start to feel pain or when shit just gets overwhelming. Finally, the folks at HQC would like us to know that their bestselling Purple Hindu Kush is back in stock at its usual bargain price of only $10 a gram.

“It’s fun and relaxing, creative social high for the mind, not overwhelming, and tasty,” says Elise.

By Kiki Genoa