TacoVino Opens Downtown

tacosIf you’re a taco fanatic like yours truly, the mess that is 2017 just got a little bit easier to handle. TacoVino, a brand new artisan taco shop, just began their soft opening this past week on the downtown end of Monroe Avenue — and of course, like any loyal taco fan, I was there on opening night.

Since TacoVino is considering it a soft opening, their entire menu was not available and won’t be for a while — a server claimed late shipments or something along those lines for the lack of complete options. But their menu is fairly comprehensive when it comes to their holy grail, the taco.

These are not your standard meat, cheese, and lettuce tacos. We’re talking chorizo and potato, coconut and curry, carnitas and pomegranates, squash and cotija cheese, with each combo wrapped up in a housemade corn tortilla. The entire menu is gluten free (minus the beer), with locally sourced, fresh ingredients, and plenty of options for vegetarian and vegan appetites.

They also have items of the bowl variety with a selection of steak, chicken, pork, and even duck or lamb shank. This is the part where you dig deep into your wallet, as the skirt steak bowl is $19. Tacos range from a $3 delicata squash taco to the $4.50 fish taco, each sold a la carte.

The exciting stuff, though, is in the starters. Order the DIY Guacamole, and they’ll serve you two whole, large avocados, all the fixings, and a molcajete (mortar and pestle) to make the guacamole to your liking.

One thing is for sure, I will definitely be going back, if not just to try their house-made blood orange-sage-brandy-strawberry tea sangria, but to at least get another damn good taco.

By Regina Pieracci