Sick Town Derby Nail Biter

The Sick Town Derby Dames narrowly fell to Air Raid Roller Derby of Beaverton 141 to 166 on Saturday night.

A packed house at the Linn County Fairgrounds, many of whom were wearing their Halloween finest, cheered on their home team with a deafening fervor. The Sick Town contagion is indeed spreading. 

The Sick Town offense, lead by the lightning fast Samwise Banshee, went toe to toe with Air Raid throughout most of the bout. 

With five minutes left in the last half and the score tied, Air Raid jammer Knockems Razor exploded off the line to take the lead, and with the help of her formidable blockers, stole a 20-point jam.

Sick Town was unable to recover, but after three years without a bout, they played with a surprising amount of tenacity and hunger. Games with the Derby Dames can only get better from here.

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By Jay Sharpe