Sexual Health and Family Planning Resources

gynecology-stirrupsIt’s hard to top Planned Parenthood when it comes to inclusive sexual and reproductive health services for men and women. Ten years ago, representatives from Planned Parenthood performed a gap analysis—a study that indicates if a region offers enough family planning options—and found that Corvallis is a well-served community.

“If we know there are providers, [it’s] not our practice or our philosophy to compete,” said Shelley Sump-Wyllie of the Southwestern branch. While we’re due for another study this year, here is a handy guide to the clinics we currently have in the area.

Benton Health Center
Conveniently located close to campus, the Benton Health Center offers counseling, education, and a wide variety of contraceptives. Their birth control options include condoms (male and female), pills, Depo Provera shot, implants, diaphragms, vaginal rings, IUDs, and emergency contraception. Additionally, the center provides annual wellness exams, STD screenings and treatments, as well as pregnancy testing. If you don’t have private insurance, this center does offer a sliding scale based on the federal poverty guidelines.

Located at 530 NW 27th Street

Corvallis Birth & Women’s Center
If you’re ready to start a family, this is a great spot to check out. While the Corvallis Birth & Women’s Center does offer many of the same services as the Benton Health Center—including contraceptives, exams, and education—their primary focus is creating a safe and supportive space where women can feel empowered. One of their goals, according to their website, is “to enhance one’s sense of control, encouraging individuals to take an active role in their health care, promoting their own health and well-being.” The center even hosts events like “Wine and GYN”—every first Friday of the month women are invited to discuss life and health over a glass of vino.

Located at 2314 NW Kings Boulevard

Options Pregnancy Resource Center
Options does offer free services—such as pregnancy tests, referrals, and information about parenting, adoption, and abortion—with one caveat. In their vision statement, they write, “God’s power to change hearts and habits will become evident as rates of abortion and teen pregnancy in our community decline.” If you would like to work with a clinic that approaches health through this ideology, it’s a good resource.

Located at 867 NW 23rd Street

Planned Parenthood
Because it seems wrong to print a sexual health resource guide without giving a proper shout out to Planned Parenthood, we’ll include their resources here anyway. There are a couple nearby locations—one in Eugene and one in Salem—and perhaps one day we’ll have one of our very own. Planned Parenthood provides free and low-cost birth control, STD screenings, and so much more. Their practitioners screen for breast and cervical cancers, offer abortion care, and they provide an equal number of services for men—like vasectomies and screenings for colon, prostate, and testicular cancer. On top of that, it’s the only organization on this list that specifically offers transgender care as one of its services.

When they’re not giving supportive care in-clinic, representatives are out providing community education, helping to create strong and well-informed citizens of all ages, and advocating for the legal and political protection of reproductive rights. Whether you’d like to discuss body image, healthy relationships, sexual orientation and gender, or general health care, supporting this nonprofit organization is definitely worth the drive.

Nearest locations: 3579 Franklin Boulevard, Eugene; 3825 Wolverine Street NE, Salem

If you find it difficult to afford these services, you could be eligible for Oregon Contraceptive Care, a Medicaid Waiver program that allows you to receive a year’s worth of free contraceptives. For more information, visit:

By Anika Lautenbach