From One Editor, To Another: Corvallis Advocate Changes Guardians

Yep, there is a pro forma way to announce an editor-in-chief appointment, and I will tell you that story, but first I want to tell you this story… The Corvallis Advocate was never supposed to be a newspaper.

My original hope was for a rich substrate where spirit and thought would thrive and grow into community practically and transcendentally, progressing things. We would host debates and art and performance. We would help each side of an issue articulate to the benefit of our community. The newspaper would only be a piece of it.  

But, then there was all the business and busyness, and way too much that never worked out. In midst of all that, the paper has changed personality with each new editor, and at times, not for the better. There are two that I have been especially proud to have worked with and, grateful to still have in my life a little.

However, as I began the search for a new editor a couple years back, I knew I was looking for something different than what we’ve had, but I just did not know what. At some point, I asked one of our more promising staffers what her dream publication would be like, she turned in an abstract – reading it, I started to suspect we may have found our new leader, her vision resonated what I had hoped for the soul of The Advocate.

This of course, was Stevie Beisswanger, our now appointed editor in chief of The Corvallis Advocate. This brings us to the pro forma part.

Beisswanger assumed her duties earlier this week to our usual corporate salute, two middle fingers extended per staffer, however she has already been functionally leading the paper editorially for several months, and she will now start to chart its future course.

A Susquehanna graduate, Beisswanger started with the paper in September of 2015, taking on the role of associate editor in June of 2016, and then moving into the managing editor slot in January of this year. 

Staff have easily coalesced around Beisswanger, all as a unit asserting new values for the paper – and for the first time at The Advocate, initiating public events ranging from civil rights workshops, to poetry and storytelling nights. 

As I move down the masthead, I am struck by two things: firstly, how much more intentional this process has been than in the past, and secondly, how proud I am to pass the baton of leadership to someone of such capable sensibilities and mind.

Steven Schultz, Publisher