Newest Mural Uses Nature

A new wall mural has popped up in downtown Corvallis, adjacent to the free parking lot on SW 3rd Avenue. The work titled, “A Call To Balance” is the ninth installment of the Corvallis Mural Project.  The muralist, Erica Greminger – a sign artist by day – uses imagery of wildlife and the natural environment of the region to remind us of the interconnectedness of nature.

Greminger moved to Corvallis from Arizona for school about 14 years ago. She minored in Fine Art at Oregon State University, and found a career in making storefront signage and displays for local businesses, most notably Trader Joe’s. She has garnered enough success in sign art to be flown out of state by Trader Joe’s to make wall murals and displays for other stores. 

This mural is by far the biggest Greminger has ever accomplished, measuring roughly 17 by 22 feet. 

A large Blue Heron is the focal point of this work. Greminger’s interest in engaging with the passerby is to have them “pause and reflect,” and ponder how our connection to the natural world is often lost in our hurried schedules. The warm and muted colors are more than a homage to nature, but a reminder of symbolic peace in nature’s stillness.

Greminger hopes that her work will inspire others, and make people stop and linger for a moment. “The longer you stand there, the more you will get out of it,” she says.

Meanwhile the City of Corvallis is ready to install new landscaping in front of the mural, signaling a chain of improvements for the once drab parking lot.

By Chris McDowell