Mindful Meals + Study Zones

In a college town, it can be hard to escape the greasy bar grub and quick-eating options, but healthy food is good for the mind and the body. Corvallis has plenty of spots to get you out of that unhealthy slump; do yourself a favor and check out these fresh, local favorites. 


110 NW 3rd St
This new spot is perfect for anyone looking for a vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free meal. The venue is modern and fresh, giving a new-restaurant feel to Corvallis. Aside from it being healthy and out of the ordinary, the servers are helpful and attentive. Keep in mind that this style food is typically on the pricey side, but it’s definitely worth a try. 

White Winds Superfoods
252 SW Madison Ave

Although a bit pricey, the allure of fresh and healthy looking ingredients stands out when looking for something quick downtown. Featuring a mix of smoothies, juices, and small meals, White Winds is in the business of nourishing the community. Grab a classic Strawberry Banana or Creamy Carrot, and feel the juice. Open every day but Sunday, from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

2 Stones

2333 NW Kings Blvd
2 Stones is named for its two, very different wood-fired ovens. One oven is devoted to baking traditional Italian pizza, and the other to baking traditional Italian pizza that’s gluten free. The recipes are inspired by a culinary trip to Italy, which the owners took before opening, and they keep things simple, letting the ingredients speak for themselves. Try the classic Margherita for something simple yet superb, or the Forager for mushroom lovers.  

Nearly Normals

109 NW 15th St
Gonzo cuisine? Does it have something to do with Hunter S. Thompson? Or maybe the Muppets? Either way, it’s definitely local, organic, and vegetarian with vegan and gluten free options. Mexican, Mediterranean, Thai, and American dishes with several variations of their own Sunburger. If you want a cocktail, they use their fresh squeezed juices. For a deal, check their daily specials. Prices range somewhere around $8 to $12. 

First Alternative Co-op

2855 NW Grant Ave & 1007 SE Third St
The Coop is a great place to get healthy and environmentally conscious groceries. But, if you don’t want to cook, they have a sandwich deli at the south store, or the hot bar and salad bar at both locations. The menu goes through a weekly rotation, with dishes like Zesty Pollock, Thai Peanut Tofu, and Jalapeño Mac & Cheese. Hot and salad bars are $8.99 per pound. Breakfast options are $2.99 or less.

Purple Moon

320 SE Chapman Pl
Conveniently located beside the southern Co-op lot, Purple Moon Organic Espresso, Smoothies, and Juice offers healthy boosted beverages, from fruit smoothies and fine grind lattes, to affordable shots of wheatgrass. Onsite are benches and a small patio setting to snuggle into as you slurp on your savorings and rejoice in a buzz sourced responsively. 

Laughing Planet,
127 NW 2nd Street
At Laughing Planet you can eat local with dinosaurs and other small plastic figurines. They pride themselves on getting their ingredients from the Northwest, and they have a big map showing exactly where they bought your food. They always have new flavors to explore with weekly and seasonal specials, alongside their quesadillas, burritos, Asian inspired bowls, and smoothies. Most everything at Laughing Planet is under $9. 

Eats & Treats
1644 Main St, Philomath

Those who have never been to the gluten-free eatery should surely consider a visit, for the simple fact that first timers awarded a free cookie. While that has dessert covered, an entree of some of the best tri-tip around, along with a glass of their house beer, can quickly round out the experience without emptying your wallet. Its generous portions and family-friendly atmosphere provide plenty to enjoy – beyond the free cookies.

Study Zones With Feels Like Home

Your Brain On Blast

Sometimes studying at home just doesn’t cut it; too many roommates, too many Netflix options, and definitely not enough coffee. Or beer. Whatever your fuel choice, these study zones have what you need to get in the, well, study zone. 


1835 SE 3rd St
Forget coffee, alcohol is the ideal study fuel, and Beer:30 provides the perfect atmosphere. They have a comfortable seating area complete with relaxing chairs, plants, and room to spread out. They offer beer from around the world, and they fill both 32 and 64-ounce growlers. They also sell their very own grenades and growlers to fill and take home. Bring some friends, bring some books, enjoy some beer.  

Tried & True

160 SW Madison or
120 SW Cummings Ave.

Tried & True offers an eclectic but modern décor, with light indie music in the background. Their drink costs are on par with other coffee shops, around $3 to $5. Their downtown location is smaller with little seating inside and few outlets; however, the picnic tables outside are welcoming, especially for reading or taking notes. For more space to sprawl out, the south-town location has an earthy feel and plenty of room. 

The Beanery

500 SW 2nd St. or
922 NW Circle Blvd.

One of the cheaper coffee shops, the Beanery has rich Americanos for only $2.25, among other options. For those wanting to study, the downtown location has plenty of seating and table space, but outlets can be scarce at both locations. Also, at the location near campus, the tables fill up quickly with people in meetings or study groups. For a quiet space, stick to the downtown shop. 


1563 NW Monroe Ave.
Murals and color abound at Interzone. With rich, tropical coffee blends, fresh bakery items, vegetarian or vegan food options, and two different seating areas, Interzone has a space for everyone. The prices range from $2 to $5 for beverages, and the service is always friendly. There are plenty of outlets and seating indoors and outdoors, but because of its proximity to campus, sometimes it does get crowded.

Imagine Coffee
5460 SW Philomath Blvd

The atmosphere at Imagine Coffee is something you won’t get at any other coffee shop. Located in an open, warehouse setting, they have plenty of space both inside and out. The coffee is rich, the staff is knowledgeable, and they even offer a discount to customers who walked to their place. Visit after class for a quiet spot removed from campus; it’s the perfect study area with the perfect fuel.    

Coffee Culture

Locations Vary
If ever there were a place to both perk up and relax, welcome to Coffee Culture. A classic coffee shop experience, Coffee Culture roasts their own beans and offers just the right kind of calm atmosphere as backdrop to conversation and study. Patrons can expect to pay a couple bucks for a quality cup of caffeine.

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