Luc Restaurant Closing, Looking For New Digs

The Corvallis restaurant scene is about to become a little more bland as Luc will soon be shutting doors at its current location. This may come a shock to some, but not everyone is quite so startled.

General Manager Ian Johnson commented: “We are looking for a new location and almost moved in the past a couple different times.”

Luc is known for their fine dining experience. With a constantly changing yet always unique menu and boasting a robust list of local and imported wines, Luc brought class and an intelligent taste to its loyal customers for 7 years.

“The roof has leaked at our current location for all 7 years we have been there and it doesn’t seem likely it’s going to get fixed,” said Johnson.

The good news is that Luc is looking to relocate. Seeking a new location and a sealed roof, Luc might just be back sooner than later – and if all goes according to plan, with a bit of new flare as well. Drop by their 4th Street location and show ‘em you care.


By Anthony Vitale