The Littlest Gallery Premieres in Downtown Corvallis

Some art exhibits demand the attention of the viewer based on the magnitude of their sheer size. However, not all art attractions need to be large to make a statement. Even tiny displays can spark a reaction and engage the imagination.

This is what Ugly Art Room’s newest art gallery, The Littlest Gallery, aims to do. In their seven years of curating, they have presented art shows on a relatively small scale. But not this small.

The Littlest Gallery is a 33-inch-high, 28-inch-wide, 1-inch-deep glass case. Artists are challenged to think “inside the box.” The outdoor gallery is on a building wall located on 4th Street between Monroe Avenue and Madison Avenue. The wall is highly visible, on a busy street with heavy foot traffic.

Curator Jen Pywell said, “When I had the opportunity to do shows in this window, I jumped at the opportunity. I’m so excited to see how artists will engage and challenge the space, and I’m thrilled that their work will be viewable to the public. Overall, I just want to play and have fun.”

This is an ongoing public art project. UAR is accepting submissions that engage onlookers and cleverly challenge the concept and confines of the space. If you are interested in submitting a work of art, keep in mind that The Littlest Gallery is a semi-outdoor space that is not hermetically sealed from the elements. For more information and submission guidelines, go to

By Jennifer Moreland