Linn-Benton Backwash

A speedy lil chase ended in arrest for two dorks that took the Albany Police, Lebanon Police, and the sheriffs from both Benton and Linn counties for a ride down Highway 226. Aside from a minor collision between a sheriff and another vehicle, that’s all she wrote. Charges, etc. shall remain a mystery. FOREVER. Probably not forever.

What’s not mysterious, however, is the fact that 21-year-old Mrityunjay Saha pleaded guilty last week to the rape of a teenager in his OSU dorm room (he is no longer a student). Hit with the felonious third-degree rape and another less serious charge of contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor, Mr. Saha will see a few months in jail before enjoying several years of probation and placement on the sex offender registry. Leading up to the plea, Saha continued to claim that he didn’t know she was under 18, but evidence proved otherwise. According to reports, he got to wear one of those cool old-timey striped jailbird uniforms, so at least there’s that.

Corvallis had a brush with weirdness on the 6th when a woman reported money stolen from her apartment after having a psychic vision of the incident, and then some naked dude was caught hanging out in the brush on Avery Park Lane. The only thing really surprising here is that this happened somewhat out in the open. Seriously… take a look at your neighbor and tell me there isn’t some weird sh*t happening behind closed doors.

The Lebanon Log: Lebanon downtown is finally kicking some a*s. (If you’ve ever been there, you’ve noticed the potential.) There’s donuts (some damn good donuts), a brewery (and another one soon), a fantastic hotdog joint, a half-dozen intriguing thrift shops, etc. All of this was almost enough to distract me from the shirtless guy throwing punches in the air about half a block down from 7-11.

By Johnny Beaver