Linn-Benton Backwash

Popular riverfront hotspot Cloud & Kelly’s turned Hapuna Kahuna tiki bar has now turned into the Downward Dog extension after a rather public social media debate culminated in accusations of cultural appropriation. Hardly a one-sided or unimportant discussion, owner Cloud Davidson decided that the best course of action was to respect those that felt wronged or uncomfortable about the theme. The good news? He could call the place Rupert’s Dung Heap or Amazing Fire Ants on Your Face and it’d still be one of the best places in town to eat, drink, and see live music. Actually, I’d probably go more often if it was named Super Salt in Your Eyes, but then again, there’s something wrong with me.

Lebanon Log Epic Edition: Ron Wyden, my personal hero, came to Lebanon yesterday (or today, if you’re catching the early upload edition on our website). And though he’s a bada*s warrior for the people, that’s not the news…

You see, occasionally I get to wake up to some news that just screams, “Oh thank heavens.” I like those days. However inappropriate this may seem, I felt that way last Thursday when I was told by family members that they couldn’t get into the Lebanon Walmart due to “some kinda thing with a buncha police and stuff.” Ignoring their gripes about having to instead go to Safeway, I set upon my local contacts and discovered that a “device” had been spotted by a customer, who then went around telling everyone, “Get out, there’s a pipe bomb.” This account is uncorroborated with officials, but it’s the active rumor, and frankly sounds rather plausible. Why does it sound so plausible? Because the pipe bomb turned out to be a spent confetti popper with the wrapping taken off, and that’s just the ridiculous kind of misinterpretation I’d have expected. Thank the lord they didn’t see an open box of tampons, the candle aisle, or anything else with a string coming out of it. “Better safe than sorry” is not something I ever thought could be called into question, but there you have it. More on this later if and when details emerge.

By Johnny Beaver