Linn-Benton Backwash

Oregon State Baseball didn’t partake in many swings for the fences as LSU stomped them 6-1. On the plus side, OSU had a 56 and 6 season, which is ridiculously impressive. That and after the game, LSU players had to go back to Louisiana. Ever been to Louisiana? There’s actually nothing wrong with it, but for the purposes of this paragraph, let’s all hold our noses.

Wait a second, I graduated. I’m no longer mandated to care! Eh, but I do. Dammit, gross. I can at least promise that I won’t put an OSU sticker on my car window, though.

Linn and Benton County weather advisory for… last weekend: It was hot and crappy, and my allergies made my face hurt. The good news is that while I huddled in my basement bunker playing Minecraft, a damn Enderman got stuck in between these two fences and started spinning in circles. Hah, silly Enderman. I killed him with a shovel.

While we’re on the topic of the miserable outdoors and random weird stuff, ever heard of the Waverly Duck? Me neither. But apparently, they’re about to relaunch it on Waverly Lake (in Florida speak, we’d call this a retention pond) in Albany. The giant foam duck was out of commission for a decade. And also, it’s a giant foam duck.

The city of Lebanon and something called the “Urban Renewal Agency of Lebanon” are now officially in cahoots for a big, long-term development project that some hope will bring people to town. Now all they have to do is reduce the minimum wage chain stores that have been flooding in over the last few years and throw a bone or two to all of the kicka*s businesses fighting to keep downtown alive.

In Lieu of The Lebanon Log: On the 4th, please don’t set yourself on fire. I’m talking to you, Linn County.

By Johnny Beaver