Linn-Benton Backwash

Remember the homeless man who was found dead last September? Two Corvallis dudes who go by Roy Edwards and Andre Tucker were just indicted for an alleged assault on the man sometime before he died. The two have currently pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges and face several other charges individually, including burglary and witness tampering. More on this in the future as the case develops… unless I’m having an off day and feel the need to go on another lobster rant.

Corvallis saw some crime action on Feb. 21 when a woman crashed a car sometime after stealing a fancy old saw estimated to be worth about a grand. Of course that’s what someone steals in Corvallis. Either that, or a bike trailer full of beekeeping stuff.

Though there are no details at press time, last week agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms dogpiled inside of Albany Guns and Coins and Jewelry. (Seriously, that’s the name. The owner has yet to be introduced to the comma…) Word on the street is that both weapons and documents were being removed by said agents. Hopefully it’ll turn out to be something interesting so I can get you to keep reading this column.

The Lebanon Log: 41-year-old Cameron Farver had one hell of a day on Feb. 23, running from police twice. Yes, twice. The first time, deputies tried to pull him over for something and he went hauling a*s down the wrong way on Main Street. Law enforcement decided not to pursue due to public safety risks, but saw him cruising around later near Lacomb. As if the whole “wrong way” thing didn’t already make this obvious, Farver is a crap driver. About 15 minutes into the second chase he botched a turn and went through a fence. Farver wasn’t able to escape in time to go for the hat trick. Maybe next month!

By Johnny Beaver