Linn-Benton Backwash

linnbentonbackwash1The Board of Trustees at our beloved OSU have voted to pull the school’s investments completely out of fossil fuels. This is great news for concerned students, staff, and community members—because they’re totally going to reinvest the funds in affordable parking, right?

Speaking of parking (not really, I just like using that as a segue), there was an interesting “event” at the downtown Safeway on the 19th. One Shaun Gess alleged that he had been struck with a bottle, but as it later turned out (after police viewed camera footage) he had not been hit with a bottle, but involved in some kind of scuffle with a Brenton Walker Garman. Gess was given a friendly second-degree disorderly conduct citation, while Garman was not so lucky. He got that same citation, only with an added charge of fourth-degree assault, assault of an officer, and of course resisting arrest. Oh, and a harassment charge. I suppose if you’re going to go, go all out.

Also speaking of parking – in at least some sense of the word – on the 19th I witnessed a swaying telephone pole what must have been just minutes after an accident last week on the corner of 9th and Spruce in Corvallis. The 911 operator let me know that they had received multiple calls, and so feeling great after doing my civic duty, I treated myself to a delicious smoothie. Thankfully the pole didn’t go down, and nobody was reported injured. Too bad we can’t say the same about the national car accident that happened the next day. You know, on the 20th.

Lebanon Log: I’ve tried to tell people that the 1997 Nissan Altima is not the best car for eluding police, but 30-year-old Thadeus Earl Zeek just didn’t listen. He led police on a chase for just under half an hour after speeding away from a stop. He hit a car at one point, and then ran over spike strips and just kept on going, Grand Theft Auto-style. Only he must suck at it, because he was shortly thereafter stopped and taken down on foot by Lebanon police (they always take off on foot, don’t they?). He’s currently facing charges for driving with a suspended license, reckless driving and endangerment, and some other crap.

By Johnny Beaver