Last Call: Band in a Hat

rock audienceLooking to rock out, but don’t have anyone to jam with? Don’t worry, Band in a Hat has got you covered. Band in a Hat is an opportunity for musicians and those interested in becoming musicians to meet, form a band, practice, and rock a gig after seven weeks together.

Wha-wha-what? That’s right, all you need is a burning desire to get on stage and give it your all. Well—there’s a little more to it than that.

Step 1: You have until Sunday, Jan. 15 to jump onto the “Corvallis DIY” Facebook page and tell them you are down to get down. Your name, along with everyone else’s, will be dropped into—you guessed it—a hat. Step 2: Be at Interzone by 6 p.m. on Jan. 15 when band lineups are announced. Step 3: Meet your new band members, make some songs, and practice for seven weeks. The grand finale will take place on March 4 with all bands returning to Interzone to rock through the night.

This is not an event for only the musically gifted; in fact, one needn’t currently play anything to participate. Anyone interested in working with other musicians of varying skill and longing to take the stage is encouraged to join.

So you’ll do it? Awesome, but you have to answer three questions first: name; experience level; instruments or practice space? If you can do all of that before the deadline, you’re in.

Band in a Hat 2016 was a huge success—check out to get a feel for what March 4 might look like for you. Hit up “Corvallis DIY” on Facebook or shoot an email to if you want to feel the spotlights on your face or meet other local musicians.

By Anthony Vitale