January Science Pub Tackles Brain Injuries in Sports

injuried-playerThe topic of brain injuries in sports kicks off another new year of Corvallis Science Pubs on Monday, Jan. 9 at the usual Old World Deli at 6 p.m. Join speaker Dr. Douglas Aukerman, a sports medicine physician with Samaritan Health Systems, to discuss what is known about brain injuries and what athletic programs are doing to reduce the risks.

Traumatic brain injuries, concussions, and other head injuries resulting from erred endeavors in athleticism are an increasingly common crowd in local emergency rooms. It seems evident at least that Newton’s first, second, and third laws of motion still apply equally to everyone. Notions of sports-related serious injuries to the noggins of participants are becoming common topics of conversation in many mediums.

Dr. Aukerman also serves as senior associate athletic director for sports medicine at Oregon State University. The sports medicine program supporting OSU intercollegiate sports teams’ injury prevention and treatment, athletic training, as well as rehabilitation care are his ongoing management endeavor. Dr. Aukerman is also a fervent marathon runner and road racer.

Stay tuned—on the scientific horizon for the first few months of 2017: “Ancient America — Bones and Artifacts Under Our Feet” on Feb. 13 with speaker Loren Davis of OSU’s Department of Anthropology, and on March 13—Yigit Menguc from the College of Engineering at OSU presents “Enhancing Human Performance Through 3-D Printing and Soft Robotics.”

Science Pub is a great opportunity for those looking to learn and show support for local science – with beer. A little liquid libation on occasion sure goes a long way to help with learning, but don’t drink and drive. Old World Deli hosts Science Pub Corvallis the second Monday of every month from 6 to 8 p.m. downtown at 341 2nd Street.

By Matthew Hunt