Homeless Shelter Gets New Home By South Co-Op

After months of homeless advocate efforts,  a new emergency men’s cold weather shelter has found a location, even if it is only for this next year. Despite the controversy, Devco Engineering has agreed to donate an old Hanson’s Tires warehouses they own for one year to the new homeless shelter. The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis will be operating the new shelter.

Since the prior Men’s Cold Weather Shelter officially closed last year due to a lawsuit against Corvallis Housing First, the question of a new homeless shelter for the winter had lingered unresolved until now. Beyond the lawsuit, neighbors of the prior shelter objected to clients trespassing and using their properties for toileting. Police disclosed the shelter increased area reports of crime and harassment, including abuse of area school children.

Project Manager of the Housing Opportunities Action Council ,Shawn Collins, explains the details for the new shelter, “There will be 40 beds, ” and that, “The dates of start and end of operation are Nov. 1 thru March 31” “The current cost budget is still under development” Given prior City Council action, the City will likely fund a total of $67,000, with another $30,000 coming from County coffers.

First Alternative South Co-Op neighbors the new shelter, Co-Op General Manager Cindee Lolik did not return phone calls seeking comment.

-By Jamie Asunsolo

UPDATE: A prior version of this story stated Hanson’s Tires was the donor, rather than Devco Engineering.

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