Goat Yoga, Meet Pig Yoga

After seeing the popularity of goat yoga, the Jakubisins, who help run Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio, thought they’d try something a little different: pig yoga.

“We saw an opportunity to raise money for the animals but also to educate people on the fact that we’re a rescue and we take these animals in and we give them a great home,” Gwen commented. 

The pigs love human interaction now, but they were terrified when they first arrived. Rescued from a research lab, they endured traumatic wound testing and came to the sanctuary with cuts and bruises.

“Pigs are almost exactly genetically the same as humans, so their skin is very similar. [The researchers] would inflict these wounds on them and use different medications humans use to see how they help,” said Gwen. 

Thankfully they found a new life at the sanctuary and enjoy lots of attention from visitors. Gwen said, “When you’re doing yoga, they just kind of roll over and it’s a lot of belly rubs and ‘downward hogs’ as we call it.”

The Jakubisins put up a big tent for yoga, and this is what draws the pigs; they love it in the shade. “They walk up to you, sniff you, and roll over. Usually the person with the most shade is the winner. So, whoever found the prime spot underneath the tent gets the pig love,” Gwen said.

You can check out pig yoga on Saturdays, July 8 and Aug. 12 at
1 p.m. at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, 36831 Richardson Gap Road, Scio. There is a $15 suggested donation; all proceeds go towards care of rescued animals. For more information, email info@lighthousesanctuary.org.

By Anika Lautenbach