Four Places to Skydive Near Corvallis

The blue skies of summer are here, which means it’s time to pepper the skies with… people? The Willamette Valley is one of the best places to train people to jump out of planes for the Pacific Northwest, and summer is the ideal time to do it. Here are the people crazy enough to make jumping out of airplanes at 120 miles per hour an experience available to everyone around the Willamette Valley.

Skydive Oregon
Skydive Oregon prides itself on being the most transparent and most experienced company in the Willamette Valley area. They’ve been established in the town of Molalla since 1988 and work with divers who hold national and world records in formation dives. And better yet, if you want more thrill, you can choose from 13,000 or 18,000 feet up in the air. Their large planes accommodate groups, so take your friends (and get a $20 discount, too). If your friends aren’t as adventurous as you are, Skydive Oregon has a picnic and spectator viewing spot made just for them. A 13,000-foot tandem dive starts at $190, and an 18,000-foot tandem starts at $290. Licensed divers can jump from 13,000 feet starting at $24. They also offer an Accelerated Freefall (AFF) training program where you can learn to jump by yourself. For more information, visit

Pacific Northwest Skydiving
Pacific Northwest Skydiving is the dropzone closest to Portland, and divers can jump from 14,000 feet above the town of Mulino. They just got themselves a new plane, and their divers have over 35 years of experience in the industry. If you’re an experienced diver, PNW Skydiving is all about creating community; they throw a few events per year, including their annual Jump Junkies Boogie. If you’re just starting out, they suggest a tandem jump, but do offer the AFF certification training class if that’s the way you want to go. Tandem jumps cost $189, but if you dive with them again within 30 days of your first jump, you’ll pay $169. Licensed divers pay $23 to jump. For more information, visit

Skydive Awesome!
Although a bit of a drive from Corvallis, the view from 10,000 feet above Madras (45 miles north of Bend) is worth it. Skydive Awesome! has only been running jumps since March of 2016, and has made one of the more extreme adventure experiences accessible to Central Oregon. Freefalling for five to seven minutes with views of the stunning snowcapped Cascade Mountains won’t seem even close to long enough. Tandem Level 1 diving starts at $200, but bring six to nine more people with you and everyone gets $10 off. They also offer an Advanced Skydiver Training (AST) program that includes Ground School plus 10 training dives. Experienced divers who already hold a United States Parachute Association License can dive here starting at $25.

For more information, visit

Eugene Skydivers

With a dropzone at Creswell Airport, Eugene Skydivers prides itself on the fundamentals of caring. They say they don’t have the biggest or the fastest planes, but they like being the most approachable, outgoing, and passionate, according to their website. Divers can jump from 10,000 feet for the first tandem ride, and 12,000 feet for an Accelerated Freefall (AFF). Tandem dives start at $199, but go again within 30 days and the price drops to $150. Eugene Skydivers coordinates dives for those with experience, too, relying on their family atmosphere to create trust between divers. For more information, visit 

By Regina Pieracci