An Exhibit Not to Be Missed: soft/en at CEI Artworks

From August 17 through September 18, CEI Artworks and S/PLI/T Projects will be presenting an interesting art exhibition duo. Titled soft/en, the exhibition features fresh works by artists Chloe Cooper and Tessa Heck. This is a show to watch for, not just because both Portland-based artists are solid creators – but because the curators of S/PLI/T are also solid innovators.

S/PLI/T, also based in Portland, has found a way of thriving while other galleries in the city have had to close their doors for good. One notable difference between S/PLI/T and their compatriots is that they don’t actually have doors. Instead of operating their own gallery, founders Sam Hopple and Taryn Wiens seek out established galleries in which they guest-curate. 

Their shows feature two artists whose work is displayed side-by-side. When selecting artists, they seek out emerging creators who need the experience and spotlight – artists who are often working their way through the first five years of their art careers.

While Cooper and Heck work with very different mediums, they share a similar philosophical expression. With a flair for the abstract and an eye for the human body, these artists examine elements of femininity, identity, and movement.

Cooper creates knitted explorations of body perception, limitations of the self, physical boundaries, and issues of control over our physical and mental self. Heck is painter utilizing both a wide range of colors and negative space. Her work focuses on the female body and the experience of living within one. Delving into topics of being bad and anxieties as well as the utter strangeness of bodies, Heck brings a colorful and varied view experience.

The exhibition will hang in CEI Artworks for a month. CEI is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Soft/en will have an opening reception on Thursday August 17 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. This just so happens to be the same day as the Corvallis Arts Walk, so since you will already be in the area, drop on by and say hi.

For more info check out the following links:,, and don’t forget CEI Artworks Facebook page.

By Anthony Vitale