Eggs or Burgers, You Decide

So you got up late… again. Now you’re wondering: do I stick with breakfast since it’s my first meal of the day, or go with lunch since it’s like pretty much noon? I feel you, and since I do the same thing, here are a few options to help with the hard questions.

Broken Yolk
Everyone knows Broken Yolk, so what else could I say? Well, other than that last week I was seated at the counter while they cleaned us a table, then watched helplessly as they sat the next group at what was supposed to be our table. Forgiving this little hiccup, the Yolk has a formidable menu with something for everyone.

I got the usual: the Yee-Haw Skillet. This dish kills it every freakin’ time. It is on the breakfast side of the spectrum—potatoes, sausage, hashy-type stuff mashed in a bowl with guac, eggs on the side, and toast for their tasty Gramma’s Jam, but no offers to refill my tea.

119 SW 3rd Street, Corvallis; 

Caves Bier and Kitchen
This place is a little different from other brunch establishments. That is because Caves only offers a brunch menu on weekends—though they do offer breakfast and lunch throughout the week. Their servers are quite personable and I got seated rather quickly.

This place is atheistically pleasing with nice wood trim, fancy lighting, and a moody paint job. Dark and cozy, you can appreciate the quality of their bar and drink selection even while debating whether or not to order another of their tantalizing Irish Crème Doughnuts for brunch. I got the Denver Hash, it’s basically a Yee-Haw Skillet except smaller and without extra eggs.

308 SW 3rd Street, Corvallis; 

Frankie’s Restaurant
Personally, I like Frankie’s but it can be hit or miss. The wait has been reasonable each time I have been there, and the staff pleasant… Except for that one time when I wanted ketchup and more tea but nobody came to offer those things. I was all like 🙁 and stuff.

I got a Mushroom Swiss Burger and it was pretty awesome. It was all mushroomy and Swiss-like, but Caves has mushrooms that come from the Mushroomery, so it’s hard to compete with that. However, their breakfast servings are ample and their tea selection, although not extensive, is solid.

641 Hickory Street NW, Albany; 

Sam’s Station
There is not a time of day when fresh awesomeness from the bakery is not appropriate. Muffins, breads, cookies, tasty berry-infused pastries, this place bakes ‘em, all you gotta do is see them and it’s game over. In fact, they pride themselves in making things fresh each day, so if you like freshness…

I came in and basically sat right down, always an awesome feeling. The service was good, and believe it or not I didn’t need much attention this time. Although many people are absolutely enthused with their calzones, I opted for Matt’s Black Bean and Barley Power Salad—it was one of those kinda morning/afternoons. It was good—wholesome, even—and I chose it because of all the interesting goodies in it: black beans, barley, edamame, chickpeas, quinoa, and corn.

1210 NW 29th Street, Corvallis;  

By Anthony Vitale