Donut Digest

donutAbout a year and a month ago, Corvallisites had one classic donut shop to choose from: NutCakes. Located in Philomath and sold at Market of Choice, a donut outing wasn’t the most common for us locals, as our next bet was likely a gas station, or the grocery store. But as of January 2017, the number of donut shops in Corvallis has tripled, with the addition of Benny’s Donuts in January 2016 and Death by Donutz just this month. Here’s what you need to know to experience Corvallis donuts to the fullest:

Being the business with the most experience, NutCakes is where you’re going to get the most classic rendition of the donut. No wacky shapes or flavors, just your good ol’ maple bar or glazed donut with the right amount of fluff. Easily the most affordable in town; spending a single dollar will probably satisfy you. Of course they’ve got espresso, but their kitchen specializes in custom cakes and breads as well. If you don’t feel like venturing to their Philomath address, Market of Choice on 9th Street offers them for easy access.

Benny’s Donuts
Fresh off their one-year anniversary week celebration, Benny’s Donuts has had quite the transformation. What began as just a late night delivery service, popular among students, now includes its own downtown storefront. Definitely the priciest, $2 gets you one the size of your palm. Each donut is made to order, warm, and dipped in fresh icing right before your eyes, still dripping when they hand it over to you. They do serve classics like a simple chocolate donut, but they specialize in artisan flavors like lavender black pepper, marionberry rosemary, and cold brew flavored glaze.

Death by Donutz
The most recent addition to town, Death by Donutz has been an extension of Monroe Street’s Roxy Dawgs for roughly a month. With hot dogs still sold out of a side window, the primary walk in focus is rows upon rows of the biggest donuts in town. They found a happy medium, pricing cheaper than Benny’s but more than NutCakes. You can get a regular old fashioned, or if you’re feeling crazy, get a lemon drop or mocha flavored one right before class. Or order a half dozen and you’ll get handed an arm-length plastic sword plunged through each donut.

To each their own though, and with these options, you have your work cut out for you. It’s time to hop on the Corvallis donut craze.

By Regina Pieracci