DIY Dorm Room Decor

A new school year means a new you. Whether you’re entering your first year of college as a wide-eyed newbie, or your last year as a world-weary RA, we’ve got some DIY projects for your new digs. 

Washi Tape Décor
For this project, all you’ll need is washi tape. You can generally pick this up at any craft, home improvement, or office supply store. Pick any pattern or color that you like and then, using stencils or free hand, create different shapes to frame images with your tape. 

You can also use washi tape to cover your plain furniture, storage boxes, and doors. All you need to do to make the shapes last is seal them with clear gloss lacquer. With stencils, you can also cut out phrases to decorate your wall. 

For more ideas on how to use washi tape check out the HGTV website tutorial “10 Ways to Transform Your Space with Washi Tape.” 

Iron-Transfer Customizable Duvet Cover

Are you sick of your plain duvet cover? Want to take it up a notch? Simply use an iron and your favorite images to make a truly unique item. 

First, you’ll need to turn your iron to the hottest setting. Then print your images of choice onto iron-on transfer paper for light or dark fabrics, depending on the color of your duvet cover. Once your images are printed, cut them out in a curved shape so that your transfers don’t peel. It’s best to iron your duvet cover before adding the images. 

Once this is done, place your images face down on your duvet cover and iron until the transfer sets. Peel off your paper once the transfer is finished to reveal your awesome new duvet cover. 

For more guidance check out the Design Sponge tutorial “Dorm DIY: Iron-Transfer Floral Duvet Cover.”  

Recycled Magazine Clock
If you have magazines piling up, this is the perfect craft for you. Gather 12 magazine pages, a small piece of cardboard, and a clock movement shaft, and you’ll be able to make a cute and custom clock. 

First, you will accordion-fold your magazine pages and pinch them on one end. Cut a small circle from the cardboard, using something circular to trace if you don’t trust your drawing skills. Then glue your pinched magazine pages to that cardboard circle, leaving a hole for the clock movement shaft. Cut out your clock hands from a separate magazine page and then insert the clock movement shaft over the clock hands. 

For more tips check out La Casa De Crafts’ tutorial “Accordion Style Recycled Magazine Clock.” 

Nature-inspired Jewelry Holder
For this project, start with two or three similarly sized branches you find laying around outside. All the other supplies can be found at any craft or home improvement store. 

Fasten the branches together using a 28-gauge wire. Spray paint the branches two or three times with your favorite color. While you could hang the jewelry holder from your wall, the easiest way to display this jewelry holder is by putting the branches in an appropriately sized vase. Hang your jewelry from the twigs and you have something functional and pretty cool to look at.

Dixie Cup Christmas Light Garland
You know those string lights you got at a garage sale? It may not seem like you can put them up before the holidays, but they can be quite versatile as year-round decorations. 

First, you’ll need to grab those Dixie cups from your mom’s house and then create tiny shades by cutting pieces of paper to fit the outside of the cups. This is where you can really get creative and go dark with a Halloween theme or go girly with some muted pastels. 

Use double sided tape to attach the paper shades around the outside of the Dixie cups. Then mark the bottom of the cups with an “x” and then, using an x-acto knife or scissors, cut the “x” out to string the lights through. 

Space-saving Shoe Rack
It can be hard to find a cheap shoe rack that also holds a ton of shoes. If you have the time, all you’ll need is cardboard, colored duct tape, and a box cutter to solve your problem. 

First, cut a piece of cardboard to fit your shoe size and score it into three equal sides. Then use duct tape to tape the cardboard pieces into a triangular tube and repeat this process for as many shoe slots as you need. Tape each row onto thick cardboard and then stack each row up. 

For more tips and more cardboard crafts check out A Piece of Rainbow’s tutorial “DIY Space Saving Shoe Rack.” 

Weekly To-Do List
If you’re hoping to get organized this school year, just get out a pad of sticky notes and some cardstock. Draw squares around the sticky notes on your cardstock – these will be your goals. 

Title your list above the squares and leave a square space where you can write in your deadline on another sticky note. You can swap out your goals for each term or month along with your deadlines simply by writing new sticky notes. 

Check out the Her Campus article “10 Best DIY Dorm Décor Ideas” for inspiration for this craft and others you may want to make.

There’s no reason to spend a ton of money making your dorm more visually pleasing. Try one of these DIY projects and start feeling more inspired by your new space.

By Madeline Frisk