Corvallis Word Factory at CEI Artworks

Reading is often a solitary endeavor. While some of us do enjoy the occasional poetry reading or book club, the written word is not often appreciated as a visual art form in a public space. For a few days in March, Bruce Burris and our own Johnny Beaver hope to challenge the assumption of what a white box gallery is meant to contain. Between March 10 and March 14, the CEI Artworks Gallery will be invaded by Corvallis poets and wordsmiths as they collectively channel the muses.

The Corvallis Word Factory is a five-day show that will kick off with a 24-hour “poetry campout” where writers are invited to write, discuss, share poetry and other wordly ventures, or just cheer on other artists. The idea is to use this creative all-nighter to produce a collection of eclectic work that will go up on the walls for the remainder of the exhibit. All writers, regardless of genre or background, are welcome to participate; participation and admission are free. There’s no restriction on how the work is created, or what kind of work it is. As a courtesy, the hosts will offer a makeshift workshop, including some basic writing tools and resources, such as pencils, pens, paper, and possibly a typewriter.

At the end of the week-long exhibit, Beaver intends to scan everything created during the Word Factory and turn it into a free-to-download PDF book, which will be available on his website ( For this event to reach its full potential, writers will need to show up in droves. So, sharpen your pencils, fill your inkwells, and get ready to strut your literary stuff.

CEI Artworks Gallery is located at 408 SW Monroe Avenue. For more information about participation or attending the event, check out the Corvallis Word Factory’s Facebook page.

By Anika Lautenbach