Corvallis Hash House Harriers Hosts Brownsville Run July 15

The Corvallis Hash House Harriers (CH3)—a local chapter of the worldwide, non-competitive, 21-and-older drinking club with a running problem—is hosting its Get the Runs in Brownsville hash this upcoming Saturday, July 15. What exactly is a hash, and why are they calling for virgins, you may wonder… 

The word virgins simply refers to the fresh faces of hashing; the noobs. A hash can be summed up in one word: debauchery. But let me explain: during any given hash, chosen “hounds” lay trails throughout city streets and woodlands by way of flour marks, with designated meanings for the runners, the “hares,” to interpret. These include song checks, riddled with overtly suggestive verses; boob and d*ck checks, where hashers have the option of raising tees and dropping trou; more obscure checks like hand hold and clothes swap checks; or every hasher’s reason for running (or not running), beer checks, where the hashers collectively “down-down” before hopping back on the hunt.

This is just the tip of the hash house iceberg. You can expect much more in terms of tomfoolery at the Brownsville hash this Saturday, starting at 6 p.m. The hash is dog-friendly, and hashers should bring $5 in hash cash, IDs, “shiggy” (high) socks, and virgins. Definitely virgins. While you’re at it, pick up your pride at the door, and pepper it in some shamelessness. Sunscreen is also suggested.

The location for the Get the Runs in Brownsville hash is: Advanced Mechanical Inc 34777 OR-228, Brownsville, OR. For more information closer to the date, search for “Corvallis Hash House Harriers” on Facebook.

By Stevie Beisswanger