Corvallis Experiments in Noise: Salute Your Cilia Feb. 18

noiseOften dismissed as nothing more than ear-piercing buzzy nonsense, noise music is very much the opposite (and also not…), with a rich history reaching all the way back to the dawn of the 20th century. Comprising an incredibly wide variety of styles and approaches, noise is as diverse (if not more) as any other genre, celebrating experimentalism in sound and generally providing a little bit for anyone with an open mind and a willingness to listen. Being the haven for art and science that our town is, it’s not hard to swallow the fact that we have our own DIY noise community: Corvallis Experiments in Noise.

In their own words, the group exists to focus on “creating consistent live performance [and collaboration] opportunities.” This I can confirm as one hell of a successful mission statement. Most often spotted at our very own art-friendly Interzone, their sound exhibitions have occupied everything from The Majestic to Happy Trails and Bison Bison. The particular event I’m slickly manipulating you into attending is being handled by both Corvallis Experiments in Noise and DumpsterScore Home Recordings of Eugene (, a great place to visit if you’re wanting to score some noise records. Do people still say “score?” Let’s go with yes.

The show in question is at Interzone on Saturday, Feb. 18. It starts at 6:30 p.m. and is completely free. What you can expect are sets by Kyle Monroe and Depleted Your Cranium (Corvallis), Don Haugen & KLOWD (Eugene/Corvallis), Regosphere of Eugene, CBN (Omaha, NE), FILTH (Denton, TX), and Gnawed (Minneapolis, MN). Genres will include various iterations of industrial, drone, noise jazz, and more. Influences and sounds seem to be all over the place, so whether you’ve been out before, have been thinking about it, or never even knew about the local noise shows – get in on this one, my dudes.

Corvallis Experiments in Noise can be found on Facebook at The aforementioned acts are all on, so do the Internet thing and get a sneak preview.

By Johnny Beaver