Corvallis Arts Walk Feb. 16: Matt Kish, Milla Oliveira, and More

millaPrepared for this month’s Arts Walk yet? All you need is a good pair of shoes (or at least a passable pair), and a desire to lay your eyes on some of what the Corvallis arts scene has to offer. Technically, you don’t even need those things, but let’s not get technical.

Notable offerings this month are Milla Oliveira’s Na Bagunça, A Collection of Choices exhibit in The Arts Center’s Corrine Woodman Gallery, which is a breathtaking look at choice in terms of one local artist’s experience of her native Brazilian culture. The Arts Center will also be hosting the Howland Community OPEN Exhibition. A few blocks away at Bison Bison! is a one-night-only exhibit by Ohio-based artist Matt Kish, featuring a drawing for every page of the classic novel Moby Dick – all 522 of them. And of course, Jennifer Lommers is back with her new studio space!

For you newcomers, the Corvallis Arts Walk generally lasts from 4 until 8 p.m. Be sure to grab a map and plot your route along these great venues:

(pictured artwork by Milla Oliveira;

THE ARTS CENTER • 700 SW Madison Ave.


ARTWORKS (CEI Gallery) • 408 SW Monroe Ave.

BISON BISON! • 354 SW Madison Ave.

CYRANOS • 361 SW 2nd St.

FAIRBANKS GALLERY • 220 SW 26th St., Fairbanks Hall

FRED AMOS STUDIO • 340 SW 2nd St., Studio 12

JEFF HESS STUDIO • 460 SW Madison Ave., Ste. 16

JENNIFER LOMMERS STUDIO • 460 SW Madison Ave., Ste. 16


VOICES GALLERY • 301 SW 4th St., Ste. 160

By Johnny Beaver

(Correction — Milla Oliveira’s name was mispelled in the original print edition)