Cloud and Kelly’s Is Back!

Maybe Chumbawamba’s a bit of a stretch here, being that they’re British, but certainly the words “I get knocked down, but I get up again…” make reminiscent the recent resurrection of Corvallis’s one and only Irish pub, Cloud and Kelly’s.

That’s right. The tiki torch has been passed to the next entrepreneur braving the controversy that is restaurants versus cultural appropriation. Maybe they will be lucky to escape the same social media microscope that garnered international attention for local business owner Cloud Davidson, after he turned Cloud and Kelly’s into The Salty Dog, a tiki bar that was relentlessly criticized via Facebook due to concerns of cultural appropriation. 

Curious how people are feeling about the second iteration of Cloud and Kelly’s? By all appearances, they couldn’t be happier. Following Davidson’s announcement on Facebook, many  commented excitedly, tagging friends and issuing cutesy hearts and thumbsy ups. Davidson is equally excited. Of all the hard lessons learned throughout the tiki fiasco, he’s come to realize owning a tiki bar wasn’t necessarily where he went wrong, but rather getting rid of a long-loved staple that serves up some serious shepherd’s pie. 

“In the middle of all the chaos I came across a picture of Cloud and Kelly’s. It was like seeing an old pic of the house you grew up in. So I couldn’t be happier, as it feels like I’m coming home,” commented Davidson.

For those mourning missing the tiki boat, don’t worry, you can get a taste of what was on the  menu each Tiki Tuesday at the campus Downward Dog on Monroe Avenue – also owned by Davidson. 

Cloud and Kelly’s is located at 126 SW 1st Street in downtown Corvallis. Opening hours are Sunday through Thursday11:30 am to 10 pm, and Friday through Saturday11:30 am to Midnight. 

by Andy Hahn