Celebrating Bad Poetry Day: Call for Submissions

As eclipse day draws near and we prepare for the celebration and mayhem, another special day rapidly approaches: National Bad Poetry Day. Though not officially acknowledged by the U.S. government, for some, August 18 has become a day to exchange terrible rhymes, free-verse, and haikus. 

What better way to celebrate the impending celestial phenomenon than with bad poems about the sun? This is your opportunity to show us your worst. What makes a bad poem? We won’t attempt to define it, but we know it when we see it.

We are currently accepting submissions through midnight on Saturday, August 12. All forms of poetry accepted as long as the submission is under 200 words, contains some reference to the sun, and is just plain awful. Please include a title and your name if you’d like it printed with your poem.

Please send questions and submissions to editor@corvallisadvocate.com

By Anika Lautenbach