Call to Poets and Artists Now! Through November 7

For the first time in history, your only local alternative news source, The Corvallis Advocate will be issuing an edition dedicated entirely to local poets, artists, and photographers, to be followed by yet another Advocate-hosted poetry-open-mic night featuring a few keynote poets. The idea here is to really champion local art and poetry in a way only we hope to know how: eclectically and honorably. We want to inspire you, hence this handy-dandy call for submissions.

What We’re Looking For
We’re interested in material that’s above all, transcendent – works that deliver us to other realms, suspend us in thought or whimsy with vivid sensory and description, so that when we step away, the world has shifted. We want to live intimately inside your words – to taste and smell them. We welcome anything that challenges the mainstream narrative, that blurs the lines between imagination and reality.

Poetry Submissions
We will consider both long and short poetry submissions for publication. Please understand however that our space for longer pieces is limited.

Must reside in the Linn-Benton area and be residents of Albany or Corvallis

All submitted poems must be unpublished

Due to layout constrictions, we ask that shorter pieces be under 20 lines, and longer pieces under 40 lines.

Poets may submit up to 5 poems each in a single document, either Word or Open Document format. Pieces must be titled.

Submissions must also include a brief 100-150 word bio featuring the author’s name, age, pronoun (optional), educational background, area of origin, 2-3 major personal interests, and any other relevant info. This may or may not be published.

Poets may only submit once

Please include last name in document title

Submissions sent via e-mail to

Art and Photography Submissions

Art submissions will be published as thumbnail images throughout the issue alongside the poems with the artist’s name.

Must reside in the Linn-Benton area and be residents of Albany or Corvallis

May submit up to 5 images in one e-mail, document, or zip file

All images must be submitted in JPG format

All images must have a pixel size of 650×650 or higher – the higher the resolution the better

Titles of works must be included

Artists may only submit once

Please include last name in document title

All submitted art must be unpublished

Submissions sent via e-mail to

So with all the nitty gritty for your eyes to feast, we urge you to please submit.

We are proud of this effort to promote local art and poetry, and we hope to continue in our endeavors for years and issues to come. Thank you all so much for helping us keep this culture alive and thriving!

The poetry open mic night destination is TBD. Details will be posted as soon as humanly possible. The Advocate’s poetry issue will be distributed at the event.