Call to Artists for Solar Exhibit

In a rare event on Monday, Aug. 21, the disk of the sun will be fully obscured by the moon, and Corvallis is directly in the path for prime viewing. The last time Corvallis experienced a total solar eclipse was in 1979, and we won’t see another one in Oregon until 2108 – this is your chance!

This event is expected to bring over 400,000 visitors to Corvallis during the week of the eclipse, and the city is already preparing. The Corvallis Arts Center reserved their Corrine Woodman Gallery for the entirety of August for an exhibition about this rare solar event, and is inviting local artists to submit artwork for the show, Artful Solar Eclipse.

Artwork can be about anything eclipse-related, including but not limited to prior eclipses, personal experiences, environmental impacts, historical impressions of eclipses, or spiritual interpretations of a solar eclipse. Any sort of visual art will be considered, and will be judged based on imagination and engagement of visitors. The call is open to artists of all ages, and submissions from elementary and high school students are welcomed.

Astronomer and fine art photographer Dr. Randal L. Milstein, as well as curator and member of the Exhibition Committee Hester Coucke, will select the artwork.

For more detailed information about Artful Solar Eclipse, including terms and conditions of submissions, visit

By Keely Corder