C.ORE Corvallis

CORE2C.ORE Freeride is Corvallis’ haven for outdoor adventurers. Originally devoted to skiers and snowboarders, the club now embraces action sport enthusiasts of all types.

The group started in 2009 at Oregon State University and grew to be OSU’s second largest club. They’ve continued to flourish and have since embarked as an independent club with upwards of 100 members, plus dozens of local and national sponsors.

When asked what the C.ORE Freeride is all about, Madelyn Getzoff, co-president and graphic designer for the club, said, “It’s about a love of the outdoors and getting out with your friends.” Getzoff says the group is always looking for new members and welcomes folks with all kinds of action sports interests and skill levels – first-time wobbly skiers adventure alongside seasoned athletes and shredders. While the majority of members are OSU students, other community adventurers are encouraged to join as well.

“Cormies,” as members are affectionately referred to, pay $40 in annual dues and enjoy discounts from the group’s sponsors, including Dakine, Two Towns Cider, and Mt. Bachelor, as well as access to all the group’s events, and a plug in to the vibrant social community.

Regular meetings are held throughout the year to update members on events and provide opportunities to network. Getzoff says meetings “are a chance to get everyone together and people who are interested in joining can come see what it’s like.” However, he says the real magic happens out of doors while your beer cools in the snow.

C.ORE will be heading to Bend the weekend of Feb.17 for their annual Winterfest, where a downtown rail jam competition is held, bringing in experienced riders, vendors, live bands and a beer garden. Tickets are $50 each and include breakfasts and lodging at the C.ORE Cabins. Bachelor season pass holders get in for free, while others pay just $10. For those that attend, there will be a Friday night social, the Winterfest on Saturday, and some shredding in between. Sign up now—spots are filling up!

Other C.ORE events range from a yearly wax party (wax your board! drink beer with your friends!), to weekend adventures at Mt. Bachelor and Spring Break trips to shred California powder. According to Getzoff, one of the best features of membership is access to the group’s mountain carpool – “I didn’t have a car my freshman year at OSU and I never missed a weekend at the mountain.” A trip to the mountain, coast, or trail will almost always be met with other enthusiastic Cormies looking for a ride or a passenger.

Interested in joining? Visit www.corefreeride.com for more information.

By Keely Corder