Block 15 Hosts “Tap Talks”

block-15Block 15 Brewery and Tap Room kicked off the New Year with an event they’ve dubbed “Tap Talks.” Dr. Patrick Hayes’ inaugural talk explored the varieties of barley with attendees in January, and come Feb. 6, Dr. Gabrielle Roesch-McNally will discuss local climate change impacts at Block 15’s Taproom in Southtown.

Dr. Roesch-McNally is a post-doctoral fellow at the USDA Northwest Climate Hub in Corvallis, whose research background includes climate impacts to managed land such as farmland, rangeland, and forests. She will be speaking at this event independently, meaning her presentation is not representative of the USDA or any of her other capacities.

Her goal is to share her expertise in a way that is accessible to all walks of attendees, beginning with some foundational scientific findings supporting climate change, then diving into specific Northwest impacts. With a focus on agriculture, she’ll discuss the predictions of more extreme weather, changes in precipitation, as well as their successive effects on labor.

This event is not just to discuss the future, but about how to address the controversial topic in today’s conversations. Dr. Roesch-McNally said, “I want to talk about how to use that information in ways we talk to people that are more skeptical.” She calls it the “science of communicating.”

Given the actions taken by President Trump’s administration over the last week, discussing climate change has a bit of a heavier tone. Much of communicating environmental issues is “recognizing things are changing and agreeing on something we can do together,” she said.

If you can’t make the event, Dr. Roesch-McNally says the crucial take-away is to “challenge people into thinking that climate change doesn’t have to be a partisan issue, that we have a stake in understanding the science.”

Block 15 Tap Talks occur once a month, and will rotate “speakers in the fermentation realm… with speakers in other topics in food, agriculture, and the environment,” according to organizer Sami Tellatin.

By Regina Pieracci