Apply for Spring Creek’s Annual Retreat

The Spring Creek Project is offering a unique opportunity for a creative twosome who is inspired by the natural world. For two weeks, the lucky participants get to stay in a cabin at Shotpouch Creek and work on a collaborative project or individual projects that would benefit from each person’s experience and insight. Spring Creek’s mission is to create spaces for humans to engage in dynamic conversation and explore their relationship with the environment.

Intrigued? The Cabin at Shotpouch Creek sounds like a writer’s dream. Built on a 40-acre nature reserve, this cozy coastal home is surrounded by hiking trails and overlooks a creek and meadow. With no Internet or cell phone service, this is a true opportunity to connect with nature and another person in a real way.

“The Collaborative Retreat recognizes that writers are part of a dynamic system of writers, readers, and wider communities,” say the Spring Creek coordinators. “Unusual energy and inspiration can emerge when people from different backgrounds work together in a place of natural quiet and beauty.”

Monday, May 15 is the deadline for applications for the fall retreat, which will take place Monday, Aug. 21 through Sunday, Sept. 3. To apply, the first step is to find someone you can live and create with for 14 days. At least one of you must be a writer. Though the second applicant can be a writer as well, they could also be a scientist, philosopher, musician, artist, or any number of things, as long as they also find inspiration in nature. The application process in free, but applicants are required to submit a one-page explanation of how they will spend time at Shotpouch Creek and how they will support the work of their partner. Applicants must also include a sample of their work. If chosen, each participant will receive a stipend of $250 for their time in the cabin.

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By Anika Lautenbach