Advocate Welcomes New Associate Editor

A true comedian, Anthony Vitale possesses the rare talent of being able to cause an eruption of laughter whilst delivering clairvoyance, all in the same breath. 

An Ohio transplant, with years of being alive under his belt, Vitale has served under The Advocate for just over two years – as a long – form (and short-form) journalist, part-time editor, voice of reason, class clown, and all around dedicated and deep thinking dude. This is the guy that regularly pens over issues of homelessness and environmental affairs, and volunteers his time with important outside organizations such as City Club, tirelessly learning all the legwork and intricacies of Corvallis infrastructure. For these reasons and more, we couldn’t be happier announcing Vitale’s appointment to associate editor, to work alongside Johnny Beaver. 

Editor-in-chief Stevie Beisswanger comments, “Vitale has been a breath of fresh air for as long as I’ve known him. He and I started around the same time, and I honestly can’t say The Advocate would’ve become what it is now without him. 

He’s constantly entertaining the room, and is the first to raise a hand in times of need. I believe he’s more than competent for this position, and a huge asset overall – and I can’t wait to see where the new year takes us.”

Reflecting on his time spent at the paper, Vitale adds, “I love that The Advocate can give a voice to everyone, from developing writers to interesting or in-need members of the community. Meeting all those people is a pleasure that has continually expanded my perspective of community, and of Corvallis. I look forward to meeting more of you folks at our upcoming events.”

With that, everyone, give a big round of applause to Anthony Vitale. What more can the man do? We can’t wait to see.