Advocate Pledge Drive

Alt-weekly journalists do and say what other reporters can’t or won’t, and now more than ever, we need them to. Like other community alts across the country, we have committed ourselves to deep investigative work that the mainstream media is not equipped for. This work is extremely demanding, and a single piece can take hundreds of hours. Our reporters don’t really make much; they have always had to sacrifice to do this work. However, it is becoming even harder as of late.

Community-oriented local businesses once paid the way for alt weeklies like ours, but there are fewer mom and pop businesses that can afford to do that now. Their margins have declined to near nothing, and many can no longer afford to lend their support. Disturbingly, we know two shop owners currently living in their stores.

What We’re Asking
Agents of the only locally-owned Corvallis newspaper, our journalists are yours. They care deeply about the community we all share, and we are asking you to help support them with either a one-time contribution or a monthly pledge. None of us are so naive as to be here for the money, but recently we have had to start asking prospective staff how they are going to support themselves if they start here. In order for us to maintain our level of content, there are weeks in which this work is more than a full-time job. Our editors regularly put in these hours and more, despite working other full-time jobs or attending graduate school.

It is important to us to keep offering The Advocate free of charge for those that cannot make a contribution, so we are hoping that if you have the means, you will help.

At $3,000 monthly in contributions, we would be able to make up for the decline in advertising. At another $5,000 monthly, we would be able pay our reporters a wage similar to that of a new teacher at a low-income school district. In other words, nobody here is looking to get rich, but we would like to offer those who work so incredibly hard for the community a reasonable compensation for their efforts.

As no small aside, we are overwhelmingly grateful for the advertisers that continue to generously support us. Please go out of your way to patronize them, because through funding us they are giving way more to Corvallis than just their excellent products and services. Community is a group effort, and without mutual support, none of us would be here.

The Advocate Promise
Gloria Steinem once said, “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

We cover serious material at The Advocate: from campus sexual assault at OSU, to investigating dangerous deficiencies at our only area hospital. From coal trains in our backyards, to PacificSource messing with LGBTQ health benefits – and plenty more. At our core, this paper has remained committed to long form investigative work for the five years we have been on local newsstands. As we see it, an informed community requires access to the kernel of what’s happening around them, as well as strong voices who have an investment in what happens here. This is what we do, and why we care to do it.

Of course, we’re also still your best source for the latest in food, booze and brews, not to mention a highly curated arts and entertainment calendar, weekly event picks, and local fine arts coverage. Looking for outdoor adventure? Our staff field trips are anything from canoeing to canyoneering – think we’ll leave the karaoke out of it.

Want to learn more about our finances and donating? Visit the Donations & Pledges page on our site. You can also contribute now.

Pledge Donation