Advocate Hosts Round-ish Table Meetup

Though local newspapers have many roles in their community, a strong foundation always consists of one thing: reader interaction, and some down-to-earth, face-to-face quid pro quo. Join us as we step up our game with a series of community meetups designed to foster the kind of transparency and inclusivity required for an informed relationship.

What kinds of things will we talk about? Maybe your story ideas, or issues you would like us to look into. Possibly you’ll have some suggestions, or even present a bone to pick about w. Ask questions about our paper, or journalism in general, or simply use this as a chance to meet the editors and occasional wandering staff member. Though we’ll come fully loaded on important Corvallis topics, the content and course of the discussion is largely up to you!

“We get volumes of written input, but there is a different dynamic when people are in a room together. We want to add that opportunity; it should be a lot of fun,” said Publisher Steve Schultz.

Managing Editor Stevie Beisswanger added, “Public outreach is a huge focal point for the paper presently. These meetups are meant to offer critical opportunities for a community dialogue and discourse that will help us cater our content to local concerns and curiosities.”

The fact is, The Corvallis Advocate carries the name “advocate” for a reason. We want to know what YOU think, and hope you will come out and help us make your readership an interactive process. No matter your interest, all are welcome to do some advocating of their own.

The first two Corvallis Advocate Round-ish Table events are on Monday, March 6 (7 p.m.) at Old World Deli and Tuesday, March 7 (12 p.m.) in The Majestic’s community room. For more information, contact

By Johnny Beaver