Advocate Cedes Small Claims Case: Kaufman Loses Two Major Points

In a largely uncontested small claims court case, a prior Corvallis Advocate editor was awarded a $2501.40 judgment against the paper today.  Publisher Steven Schultz said, “We take the repayment of our debts seriously and did what we could to reach a payment plan we could meet with Kaufman. Unfortunately the paper has very little cash with which to do so.”

While the paper readily conceded the balance was owed, there were two main points of contention: Kaufman’s claim that he should be paid 24% interest annually and that the judgment should extend past Corvallis Advocate, LLC. Kaufman lost on both points.

Kaufman sought to unfold other contentions in front of the court, Judge Locke Williams however admonished Kaufman to stay on point.

Schultz said, “The court ruled as one would anticipate, given the facts.” Schultz as Publisher of the Advocate, announced last week that the paper was not in a position to repay debts from the period of Kaufman’s tenure leading the paper – and asked creditors to forgive the paper’s debts. A plan was put in place to offer said creditors the ability to discharge debts in the form of donated advertising credit for non-profits of their choosing.

As to the paper’s future, Schultz today said, “This is a labor of love, and so we’ll find some way to survive. However, it is a very difficult period.”

The Gazette-Times also sent a reporter, their story has not yet been published.

-By Jamie Asunsolo