Advocate Appoints Managing Editor

IMG_20170117_115438_398Appointed to a fresh role at The Corvallis Advocate earlier this week, Stevie Beisswanger becomes the paper’s first Managing Editor, having prior served as one of two Associate Editors. The new position charges Beisswanger with managing all editorial and production functions of the paper, along with an increased leadership role.

Current Editor in Chief Steven Schultz will focus on deepening the paper’s mission and institutional resources, most especially seeking to widen the Advocate’s community interactivity.  Johnny Beaver will remain as Associate Editor, a role he assumed 3 years ago after leaving the Editor in Chief post.

Beisswanger, a Susquehanna University grad, joined the newspaper in 2015 and advanced quickly into her prior role as an Associate Editor. She has built a solid reputation as a journalist, uniquely capable of rigorous long-form work that is incisive, fair and reflective. Her judgment as an editor is well regarded among Advocate staffers.

Speaking to Beisswanger’s new role, Schultz said, “Stevie is an excellent editor, she has that ability to be both tough and motivating.” Schultz added, “Beisswanger brings a deep sense of humanity, rigor and reflection to her work -— she is a natural leader — she now will put her own stamp on this paper and in the community.”

Beisswanger said, “In this new role, I am committed to better engaging the greater Corvallis community with creative content that digs deeper —challenges our collective trajectory of thought and action, and serves to mindfully represent an all-inclusive demographic.”

Beaver added, “This is oftentimes a brutal gig with a lot of responsibility, and it also happens to be of great community importance. There’s very few people I’ve worked with that I’d trust as much as Stevie when it comes to steering this ship.”