A Drag Night in Corvallis? Dam Right.

drag-queenBeginning Friday, Jan. 20, The Dam will be hosting a Gay-mer night and drag show every third Friday called Dam Right Drag Night. The event was organized by Kat Roberts, Luke Kawasaki, Andres Lopez, and Ally Dean, and will have a different theme for each month.

The opening night’s theme parallels inauguration day. In a play on words, they’ve dubbed the night “In-Our-Gay-Nation” “as a celebration of our diverse queer country.”  It will be sponsored by Montucky Cold Snacks and they, along with Dam owner Ben Metzger, will match the event’s total proceeds and donate them to a local queer organization.

Dam Right Drag Night comes as a response to the lack of queer events in the Corvallis community. Dean said, “Luke and I have both been involved in drag in town and now that we’re both not students at OSU, we wanted another venue, but this has largely been about wanting more events beyond [Rainbow in the Clouds] to bring queer folks together.”

She, along with many local community members, believe that one night a month is simply not enough. Dam Right Drag Night, in addition to Rainbow in the Clouds, will bring the number of 21+ queer events up to two.

But this event is not just for the majors. From 7 to 9 p.m., The Dam will host the Gay-mer portion of the night that’s open to all ages. A local DJ will begin at 9 p.m., and the drag show begins at 10 p.m.

“I will just share that for the drag performers, we are all Willamette Valley performers who are passionate about drag as an art form,” Kawasaki said. “Each performer is charged with bringing their vision of how they feel about being queer in the U.S. to the stage.”

According to Kawasaki, “All expressions are welcome.”

This event charges a $3 cover fee. For more information, visit Dam Right Drag Night’s Facebook page.

By Regina Pieracci