8 Days a Week

Thursday, May 4

Comedy Night. Cloud & Kelly’s Public House, 126 SW First St., Corvallis. 7 p.m. Free.

Best comedy night in town, every first Thursday. Bring your full assortment of chuckles, funny bones, and uh… ticklespits. And also your wallet, for there will be vast quantities of great drinks and foodages. For info, visit cloudandkellys.com/music_and_nightlife/ or facebook.com/CloudAndKellys/.

Rusty Hinges. Calapooia Brewing Company, 140 Hill St. NE, Albany. 7:30 p.m. Free.

Local regulars and bluegrass giants Rusty Hinges once again rock Calapooia Brewery. The sound of a well-tuned gigging band wafting in and around some brews and grub makes this a Thursday spot like none other. For info, visit calapooiabrewing.com/blog/live-music-and-events/.

Friday, May 5

The Colorful World of Pigments. LaSells Stewart Center, 875 SW 26th St., Corvallis. 8 a.m. – noon. Free.

Mas Subramanian is a big deal. Why? Oh, nothing big. Just discovered a NEW COLOR awhile back. Well, a new blue anyway (a big deal to us art folk). OSU is celebrating the pigment (YInMn blue) discovered at the university, as well as its impact on art, culture, and industry. This event will be hosted by the College of Science, and will include a panel discussion from 9 to 10:30 a.m. The exhibit features work using YInMn blue, as well as a wall where the kiddos can color and paint from 10:30 a.m. to noon. At 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. Mas will lead tours of the lab where YInMn blue was discovered. For info, visit oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2017/apr/osu-college-science-host-%E2%80%9C-colorful-world-pigments%E2%80%9D-may-5.

Rainbow in the Clouds. Cloud & Kelly’s Public House, 126 SW First St., Corvallis. 10 p.m. $5. Everyone’s favorite LGBT dance party. If you know it, you love it. If you don’t, you better check yourself. Do people still say that? I suppose they do now. For info, visit cloudandkellys.com/music_and_nightlife/ or facebook.com/CloudAndKellys/.

Saturday, May 6

Albany Vintage Bicycle Show. Deluxe Brewing Company, 635 NE Water Ave., Albany. 1 – 5 p.m. $5 to enter a bike, $10 for a swap meet space, and free to stop by and view the bikes on display.

If you’re a lovers of all things bicycle, don’t miss this show! All sorts of classic and vintage bikes will be on display. Awards will be offered in five categories: Best Custom, Best Original, Best Vintage Restored, Best BMX, and Most Unique, in addition to an overall People’s Choice award. Proceeds from the event will go to help out the Albany Regional Museum. For info or to register a bicycle (must be a model prior to 1989), visit deluxebrewing.com or email bikeshow@sinisterdeluxe.com.

Robert Wynia & The Sound (Brave the Strange Album Release Show). Bombs Away Cafe, 2527 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis. 9 p.m. Cover TBA.

So, Floater legend Robert Wynia is in town with The Sound, and they’ll be performing fan favorites, as well as the entire new Brave the Strange album. Those in the know will be there, and you should, too. If you’re not familiar with Floater or Robert Wynia’s work, rectify that immediately for a full and purposeful life. For info, visit bombsawaycafe.com/music-art/.

Sunday, May 7

Spring Garden Festival. Corvallis Central Park on the Arts Center Plaza, Seventh and Madison. 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Free.

This year, the event features 40 vendors and information booths offering up everything from gardening products and advice to inspiration that will… well, help you not kill your plants. Both sweet and savory foods will be on hand (including gluten-free options) thanks to local bakeries Wild Yeast and Whole Flower Farms. For info, visit madisonavenuetaskforce.org/springgardenfest.html.

Integrative Biology Open House. Cordley Hall, 2701 Campus Way, Corvallis. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Free.

Ever thought to yourself, “Damn, it’s Sunday and witnessing a lung inflation demo would really hit the spot?” Me too! Thankfully you can do just that, as the Department of Integrative Biology hosts its second annual Open House Sunday. Come on in for a close up with any number of animals, such as frogs, crayfish, and corals. And yes, there will be a lung inflation, as well as a live anemone feeding, and a lot more. For info, contact Katherine Dziedzic at dziedzik@oregonstate.edu.

Monday, May 8

Science Pub – There Goes the Sun: The North American Total Solar Eclipse of 2017. Learning Innovation Center, 165 SW Sackett Pl., Corvallis. 6 – 8 p.m. Free.

Your favorite local event returns with a special discussion of science and the history of solar eclipses with Randall Milstein, OSU instructor and Astronomer-in-Residence for the Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium. From the release:On August 21, North America will experience a total solar eclipse when the Moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth. The Moon’s shadow, what scientists call the umbra, will pass over Corvallis, Salem and Albany, move on to Madras, Prineville and Redmond and end its Oregon journey over John Day, Baker City and Ontario. This is the first total solar eclipse to target the continental United States since 1979, the first to run from the North American Pacific Coast to Atlantic Coast since 1918, and the first total solar eclipse since 1776 with its path of totality completely within the continental US.” For info, visit terra.oregonstate.edu/science-pub-corvallis/.

Tuesday, May 9

Author Event with Tracy Daugherty. Grass Roots Books & Music, 227 SW Second St., Corvallis. 7 p.m. Free.

Tracy Daugherty has quite the resume, having written four novels (including bestsellers), six short story collections, two books of essays, and biographies of Donald Barthelme, Joseph Heller, and Joan Didion. He’s been featured in magazines like The New Yorker and Vanity Fair. Let Us Build Us a City is a “master class on writing as practice, while performing a deep reading of art and life and looking to discern why liberal education matters so much to society. At its core, it is a work of cultural and literary history, a stirring defense and timely renewal of national literary vision.” For info, visit grassrootsbookstore.com/.

Stone Soup: How Recipes Can Preserve History and Nourish Community. Corvallis Public Library, 645 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis. 7 – 8:30 p.m. Free.

This event focuses on recipes – how they work, why people collection them, and who they are written for. They ask the question: “How can recipes help connect and create communities across time, distance, and culture?” This event features a conversation with writer and independent scholar Jennifer Roberts. You are encouraged to bring along your treasured recipes and share with the group. They might even end up in a story-based collection compiled throughout the program! For info, visit cbcpubliclibrary.net.

Wednesday, May 10

Random Review. Corvallis-Benton County Public Library, 645 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis. Noon 1:30 p.m. Free.

Frank Moore reviews Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel by Carl Safina. Personally, I don’t want to know what my cat Wembley Don Von Lipschitz thinks. And believe me, if you know him, you wouldn’t either. Still, this sounds pretty interesting! Not sure what this whole “book” thing means, though. For info, visit cbcpubliclibrary.net.

Repair Fair. OSUsed Store, 644 SW 13th St., Corvallis. 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Free.

Got broken crap? Of course you do. Want to get it fixed? Of course you do, as well. Because tossing it out is wasteful, jerk. At the Repair Fair, bring your junk in and check out skill-building demos. Repairducation (my word, not theirs) will be “offered for appliances, electronics, bicycles, clothing, computer diagnostics, housewares, jewelry, woodwind instruments, and more.” There will also be two drop-in demos each hour; one from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. (D.I.Y. T-Shirt Bags and Planting Seed Starts) and another from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. (Fixing Bra Wires and D.I.Y. Bike Tire Care). For info, visit http://tiny.cc/repair-fair and facebook.com/events/605958396256418/.

Thursday, May 11

OSU Lecture Series: Staying Informed in a Post-Truth, Fake News Era. Willamette Rooms, The Valley Library, 1500 SW Jefferson Ave., Corvallis. 3 – 4 p.m. Free.

Fake news” is nothing new – the Nazis used it against the Jewish population, perhaps most effectively with Der Stürmer, translated as “The Stormtrooper,” a nice little propaganda engine published between 1923 and 1945. The method to its madness will be looked at and discussed by Katherine Hubler, Ecampus coordinator with the OSU school of History, Philosophy, and Religion. Definitely an event we could all appreciate right about now, eh? For info, visit oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2017/apr/staying-informed-post-truth-fake-news-era.

Wild Hog in the Woods. Calapooia Brewing Company, 140 Hill St. NE, Albany. 7:30 p.m. Free.

The bad news first: there’s no wild hog, and there are no woods. The good news: this is one of the best folk/bluegrass string bands around. Oh yeah, and you can see them for free at one of the best local breweries. Even better? They play at Calapooia a lot, so you can make it tradition. For info, visit calapooiabrewing.com/blog/live-music-and-events/.