60 Films? Hell Yes. The Corvallis Queer Film Festival Returns

gaycouple movieWhile Moonlight might be the queer film of the year, the chance to experience queer films in Corvallis with just as much humanity and depth is far from long gone. The Darkside Theatre is hosting the Corvallis Queer Film Festival from Wednesday, Feb. 22 to Saturday,

Feb. 25, and yes—wait for it—it’s free.

Curator and OSU Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics Dr. Juan Trujillo has put together four nights of about 60 films for this year’s festival. It’s been two years since the last production, and this is the first year organized as a submission-based festival.

The call for submissions brought in an impressive 753 films from 30 countries. Trujillo and Dr. Bradley Boovy, festival founder and assistant professor at OSU, watched all of the films, slowly whittling them down with a few criteria. According to Trujillo, they selected films with directors who self-identified as queer or trans, and films that demonstrated complicated discourse around sex and gender. For them, this meant humanizing, non-stereotypical tropes and characters with depth, real personalities, desires, and fears.

The selections culminated into four distinct themes, which they organized by date for the festival. The first night focuses on an exploration of identity and diverse communities, the second night features experimental films, the third night features a montage of shorts for ages 18 and older (ID required), and the final night explores intergenerational identity and celebrates queer life. Each night begins with a feature-length film, followed by a selection of shorts for the second half.

For more information and a program, visit the Corvallis Queer Film Festival page on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/CorvallisQueerFilmFestival/

By Regina Pieracci