3 Sheets Brewpub Arrives On The Wind

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Albany residents Klint and Beth Sheets are finally realizing their dream of opening their own brewpub: 3 Sheets Brewery and Taproom soft opened in Albany on Oct 21, and they’ll sell you a pint of the good stuff ranging from $5.50 to $6.50.

The Sheets’ started brewing for kicks in their north Albany home, and it didn’t take long for their recipes to catch on within the community. Soon, the Sheets were building a highly specified brewing facility in their garage to quench our powerful Oregonian thirst, but we still wanted more.

Sourcing all of their ingredients locally, hardly a dime from this business exits the Linn-Benton area. They acquire their cider apples from a family member’s farm, they age beers in whiskey barrels supplied by Klint’s brother, and they get their grains from Corvallis Brewing Supply. This whole operation is an inside job, and that’s something locals love.

The tap room itself is pretty classy, but in a casual sense. Classual? Still, you should probably shower within a few hours of coming here, for their sake. The front of the house has the classic brewpub long table, with bonus Edison bulbs fixed overhead. I hate to sound bourgeois, but I love those bulbs.

Giant wooden letters on the east wall spell out B-E-E-R. As I stared at the sign, I thought, “Yes, this is what I want, this is why I am here. Oh boy, I am ready for the thing that those letters spell.” The other customers were staring at me; I’d been standing there muttering about beer for at least two minutes. I sat down.

I tasted the German Chocolate Cake Stout and promptly fell out of my seat. This was not a flavor that I was used to tasting at a typical brewpub, and it tasted exactly like salted chocolate. I’m no expert beer taster, but I am an expert beer drinker, and these home-grown brews go down easy. Their tap list samples from throughout the beer spectrum, you’ll find sweet to smoky, to mild or bitter.

Next time you’re around the bend and feel like going for a drink, go to 3 Sheets. Their beers are outstanding, and there’s also that “almost all of the money you spend will stay in our community” factor. Pound beers like a responsible consumer. Make a night of it, but don’t drink seven beers and ride the carousel. I’m no longer allowed to ride the carousel.

3 Sheets Taproom is located at 136 1st Ave W in Albany. During their soft open period, they’re open 4 p.m. to midnight Thurs-Fri, and noon to midnight on Saturday. Stay tuned for their grand opening and full dinner menu, coming soon. Keep up with all of that at https://www.facebook.com/3SheetsBrewery/

By Jay Sharpe