Warm Weather Food Report

tacosSummer is definitely here, and for many of us that means getting out, relaxing in the warm weather, and chowing down on some delicious grub. There have been a few changes around Corvallis’ restaurant scene recently, and as any responsible foodie will tell you, it pays to be informed.

I won’t waste many words on the Burgerville that just opened on 9th, as everyone and their dog has already heard about it. Across the street, Taco Bell is closed for remodeling (ooh, shiny)… and that’s pretty much it for the fast food news.

Moving on to more substantial things, new Corvallis hot spot Bellhop seems right at home on the waterfront. Whether you go for the delicious fatty comfort foods or the lighter vegetarian options, you’ll be delighted to know that your food comes almost exclusively from local farmers. This restaurant also boasts a warm family atmosphere and only seven-minute ticket times (when it’s not packed for dinner, that is).

Though this is almost old news at this point, I have to mention DiMaggio’s. If you have yet to go check out this New York-style pizza joint, you’re absolutely missing out! Their pizza is fresh, cheesy, and downright divine. The locals here testify that it definitely holds up against Corvallis classics like American Dream, Woodstock’s, and more. True pizza lovers keep at least a few varieties of slice in their quiver, and this should be one of them.

Speaking of American Dream, summer is here, which means rooftop dinners again! The downtown location has officially opened up its roof for seating so you can fully embrace the warm weather. What’s better than sitting in the sun, eating pizza, and enjoying a view of Corvallis? Don’t answer that… just admit that it sounds good.

Along with sounds of goodness came rumblings of bombshells for Bombs Away Cafe. Rumors defused: local restaurateur Cloud Davidson confirmed taking ownership of the Monroe Avenue favorite. He also confided that his plan is to make no changes, reasoning no fix is necessary for something that’s already working.

Unfortunately, we must close out this update with a bit of sad news: La Rockita had to close its location at Walnut and Kings. The 9th Street and downtown spots are still going strong, but next time you’re shopping at Winco you’ll have to find somewhere else to stop for lunch.

By Maxine Agather