Veggie Heads and Gluten Free-ks

nearly-normalSo you’re one of those people that gives a shuck about their insides? Good for you, genuinely. We know how hard it is (well, some of us do) finding restaurants that meet your dietary needs. Though the list may be little, each place we’ve staked out rewards you and your body big time. Enjoy!
White Wind Superfoods, 252 SW Madison Ave. #100
Welcome to smoothie nirvana. White Wind Superfoods offers a large menu of organic juices and smoothies, ranging between $6 and $10. Get your mineral boost with a shot of wheatgrass and choose from an eclectic array of furniture and health-related books for browsing. Try the acai bowl for $10, a creamy blend of juice, fruit, and optimal toppings, like granola, goji berries, and peanut butter. Satisfy your cocoa cravings with the Spicy Mayan Chocolate smoothie, or for a pick-me-up try the Lavender Mist.
Laughing Planet Cafe, 127 NW 2nd St.
Dine with the dinosaurs—of the plastic variety—at Laughing Planet Café, where you’ll find vegetarian and vegan-friendly bowls of global flavor, like the Bollywood, Thai, or Korean BBQ bowls, each priced under $10. Try a burrito as big as your face or a cheesy quesadilla. Top off the experience with one of their original smoothies like the marionberry ginger or mango lassi, $5 each.
Eats & Treats, 1644 Main St., Philomath
Skeptics of the gluten-free movement, hear me out: free cookies. Not just gluten-free, these cookies are free of charge, and freaking delicious, for first-time customers. Eats & Treats is a gluten-free, BBQ-themed restaurant, offering tri-tips each Friday, cooked Santa Maria-style on a “Big Rig” smoker. For a taste of fall, order the smoked pork loin with apple maple chutney, their Saturday special.
First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op, 2855 NW Grant Ave.
First Alt meets all your health food needs with its kitchen and deli, stocked with foods made from locally sourced ingredients (when possible). Although seating is minimal, carryout is a breeze. Customer favorites include beef walnut salad and spicy Aztec yams. A decent-sized portion of hot food, soup, or salad can cost under $10.
Nearly Normal’s, 109 NW 15th St.
Nearly Normal’s is one of those home-away-from-home restaurants, complete with a tree running right through the floor. Sit with some plants on the enclosed back patio and choose from a vegetarian menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. Try the Mini Nasty Burrito with beans, cheese, green pepper, scallions, and salsa for $6.
Café Yumm, 2001 NW Monroe Ave.
Wait, fast food can be healthy, and affordable? It can at Cafe Yumm, with a menu of Asian-inspired rice bowls, wraps, salads, and sandwiches from $5 to $10. Put some fire in your face with the Hot ‘N’ Jazzy bowl, made with Thai jasmine rice, organic red beans, jalapeno sesame salsa, Yumm Sauce, and other “deluxe” toppings. Guzzle down a draft brew and order an organic cookie, way better than un-organic cookies.