Three Featured Artists at The Loft

IMG_1127This month’s Third Thursday Arts Walk brings us a display of work from the Advocate Loft’s two resident artists and one of its regular guests. These well-established local creators have come together yet again to build a show made up of both new and old work, mostly available for sale to the public.

One of the new pieces will be an interactive sculpture from Johnny Beaver. Part of an ongoing experiment in modular art, Foundry it is an interactive sculpture /  sandbox designed to function completely based upon user intent. Based on a block and grid system, each forge can function as diversely as a rock garden or an artists’ tool for spatialization.

The show takes place at the usual time—4 to 8 p.m.on Thursday, Jan. 21. Artists contributing to the show include Loft regulars Beaver, Cyrus Peery, and Jeremy Smith.

Expressionist painter Beaver, whose work explores themes of creativity, mental illness, and individuality, has been an editor at the Corvallis Advocate since 2013. Beaver co-founded the local Corvallis’ Temporary Artist Guild and is a member of OSU’s Montage art collective where he’s a senior in the BFA program. In addition to painting, Beaver has a history in many other creative disciplines, including poetry and music production.

Peery draws a creative spark from local musicians and is best known for the “live art” he creates in front of audiences. Peery is a skilled craftsman who makes his own carving tools. He supports the Corvallis Graffiti Collective, a group that encourages young locals to create more art in the public eye, and has helped to make local walls in town graffiti-friendly.

Smith is a visual artist and part-time computer programmer inspired by overlaps between mathematics, psychology, and the order found in chaos in the natural world. Smith, who is passionate about shapes and patterns, is a popular local name and has been asked to display his work at nearby schools and universities. His intricate, digitally rendered pictures have been featured on the cover of MIT’s Artificial Life press journal.

The Advocate Loft staff is excited to show Corvallis a diverse collection of art this January. Expect to see a variety of bold, colorful, and imaginative work. As always, the Loft will be serving food, drink, and chocolate from Burst’s, a local gourmet candy supplier. We’ll see you there!

The Corvallis Advocate Loft is located at 425 SW Madison above Einstein’s Bagels.

By Kiki Genoa