The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Majestic

img_1114Mad scientists, freaks, and creatures of the night, delight! The Majestic Theatre’s production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is back for its second year with four showings over Friday, Oct. 21 and Saturday, Oct. 22. So grab your Magenta wig and some fishnets, stay up until the midnight showing, and come do the Time Warp again.

Festivities begin at The Majestic an hour prior to the showing. With costume contests, a photo shoot, and a memorabilia sale, this is one night to remember. Don’t worry, there is no need to bring your own toast because a prop bag with toast, glow sticks, gloves, and more is included with your ticket.

The showing will revolve around flying props and the dancing audience, as it’s not a shadow-cast production. Sarah Sullivan, one of the event’s spearheads, said, “We wanted to do it well, or not at all.” Last year was not shadow-casted either, but there will be a volunteer form for those interested in performing next year.

With last year being the inaugural year for Rocky Horror in Corvallis, the event had quite an impressive turnout according to Sullivan. Perhaps the most shocking aspect was that roughly 75% of last year’s crowd were Rocky virgins—they had never even been to a live show. Sullivan is excited to see that the Rocky tradition is still being passed down to this day, over 40 years since its debut.

“We really enjoy it and we just want to give the people what they want,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan encourages guests to contact The Majestic Theatre prior to a showing if they would like subtitles, are allergic to latex in the prop bag, or for any other concerns.

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By Regina Pieracci