Sick Town Derby Dames Nurse Old Rink, Throw Party For the Cause

12115461_10208356069009903_3211539005567937651_nRemember the best birthday parties? The ones where you went to a roller rink and had the very best time? Well, even if you are one of the sad people who’s never been to a roller rink, the possibility for you to right that wrong is on its way back to reality, as the Sick Town Derby Dames are working on repairing the old Lake Park Roller Rink. Sick Town purchased the rink in October 2013, but shortly after the sale, the rink was declared unsafe to use by the Fire Marshall.

Originally built in 1923, the rink was abandoned some years ago and it needs restoration. The Benton County Historic Society notes this is the third-oldest rink in the Pacific Northwest.

Since June of 2014, weekly work parties have met to try to restore the building to its former glory, but now the rink needs your help. Because the building is unsafe to skate in, membership of Sick Town Derby Dames has dropped off, and they are now having a hard time funding these important restoration efforts.

So far, they have replaced trusses and added extra support beams in and under the building. They have repaired and created new entry and emergency exit stairs, and have added a brand-new, ADA-compliant parking pad and sidewalk. While this seems like a lot, they still have a long way to go.

Thankfully, the skating floor is in surprisingly excellent shape, but the floor surrounding it needs to be completely replaced, as do the south and west walls and ceiling. Plumbing needs to be replaced and updated, and along with new paint inside and out, the building needs a completely new roof. Quite the undertaking, really, for a group of hopeful derby skaters.

The team’s eventual goal is to reopen the rink to the public. There is also talk of a junior league where participants could skate free of cost.

So, how can you help? Attend the Red Dress Party on Friday, Feb. 19 at 9 p.m. at the Peacock and Magenta. Proceeds go to the Derby Dames and there are possibilities for debauchery, or not, whatever your preference. Donate at Or, purchase planters created out of old roller skates and built by league members. These cute and nostalgic planters are $10. For Red Dress Party Details or to order a planter, visit

By Kyra Blank