Sex Abuse Lawsuit: Behind OSU’s New Enforcement Regime

mike-rileyWhat kind of students do we want roaming campus and skulking town at night? The kind of students that any university would want. Put another way, we do not want the kind of students that other universities would not want either.

This is why Oregon State University has decided to take a look at its transfer student policies. As stated on the Oregon State website, “Applicants who are ineligible to re-enroll at any college or university that they attended within the last seven years for student conduct reasons will be automatically declined admission at OSU. Applicants who disclose that the reason for their ineligibility is for academic reasons will be admitted only if they meet OSU’s minimum academic requirements.” The interesting part, however, is now OSU officials are working to actually enforce this rule.

OSU officials are seeking to decrease instances of sexual abuse on campus and create an overall safer environment for students. While this policy applies to all transfer applicants equally, the decision to enforce it came, surprisingly enough, three months after a controversial sexual abuse lawsuit targeting OSU and former football coach Mike Riley for fostering a hostile environment towards women.

Shocking update: OSU still maintains that strengthening their transfer policies is not directed towards athletes—however, OSU officials are urging other Pac-12 universities to follow suit.

By Anthony Vitale

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