Santiam Christian School Dodges LGTBQ Inquiries

rainbow_cross_postcard-r4360c55d543748f3a38ad2f819ea8638_vgbaq_8byvr_324After rumors of discrimination against LGBTQ households and outside religious affiliations, a few Advocate reporters phoned in to confirm an “open” policy among local Christian schools, honoring non-discriminatory enrollment processes. Confirmed open academies included Albany Christian School, Zion Lutheran School, Central Valley Christian School, and Good Shepherd Christian Academy. Santiam Christian School, however, was rather reluctant to address the subject.

Santiam officials beat well around the bush when addressed by one reporter posing as a parent. Although there was little concern around the subject of outside religious affiliations, responses became increasingly dodgy when the topic of same-sex relationships was unleashed by our play-parent. Like the aforementioned open institutions, Santiam officials relayed the expectation of Christianity being taught as fact. For this reason, one Santiam representative, professing their love for children and families, expressed a weariness over potentially creating something along the lines of “conflict within the heart of a child.”

Instead of giving a solid yes or no to questions regarding enrollment consideration, a read-over of Santiam’s moral codes was suggested. As for our second reporter, who phoned in with no guise, school officials at Santiam pulled the “no comment” card.

Suffice it to say, Santiam holds true to rumors of non-inclusivity, but does so with somewhat good intentions. I mean, who doesn’t want to keep the children and their tiny, tender hearts—or better, brains—un-confuddled. And if other motives remain under wraps, shielding the children is one smart play on Santiam’s part.

For now, any local LGBTQ Christian-affiliated households seeking schooling may wish to strike Santiam from the list and stick with the more open institutions. The Santiam enrollment application explicitly states that homosexuality on a parent’s part can get a child denied or expelled.

Stevie Beisswanger